Complaints procedure

Governing the complaint conditions between the Operator/Seller and the
Customer/Purchaser (hereinafter referred to as "CP")

Introductory provisions

1. The Operator (Seller) of the online shop is the company Telluride s.r.o., with a
registered seat at: Kopčianska 10, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
2. The Buyer in the online shop is any natural or legal person who has sent an
electronic form with an order of the Goods (product/s or service/s).
3. This Complaints Procedure governs the legal relationship between the
Operator and the Purchaser, the handling of complaints regarding the
correctness and quality of the goods and services provided by the Operator.
4. The claim for the purposes of this Complaints Procedure shall be understood
by the Purchaser as the right of liability for faulty goods or services provided by
the Purchaser requesting a certain remedy or compensation for defective
compliance or non-compliance with the subject of the contract.

Complaint-handling procedure

1. In the sense this CP, the authorized person may deliver the complaint
personally, in writing, or by electronic mail.

2. In the complaint, the following must be evident in particular:
• who is submitting the claim (name, surname, permanent address);
• the subject of the claim, or what the Purchaser is seeking;
• to whom the complaint is addressed;
• the date of submission of the claim;
• the signature of the Purchaser or signature of the authorized person along with
the authorization.

3. In case of submission of a claim by electronic mail, fax or in writing by the
authorized person on behalf of the Purchaser, the complaint must be
accompanied by an authorization to represent the Purchaser in the case of the

4. Where the claim does not contain the particulars referred to in point 2. of this
article, it shall be deemed unauthorized.

5. The time limit for handling the claim is no more than 30 days from the date of
delivery of the claim. The Purchaser shall issue a written document on the
complaint handling to the Customer.

6. A complaint in considered delivered as of the date of the claim delivery by the
Purchaser. The date of delivery of the claim shall be deemed:
• for postal delivery – the day of the delivery of the complaint to the registered
seat office of the Purchaser;
• for personal delivery – the date on the copy of the claim confirming the receipt
by the Purchaser;
• for electronic mail delivery – the day of delivery of the electronic mail message
to the Purchaser's e-mail address.

7. Other legal relationships between the Operator and the Purchaser not
expressly governed by this Complaints Procedure shall be subject to the relevant
provisions of the individual contracts concluded between the Operator and the
Purchaser, the relevant provisions of the generally binding legislation in force in
the territory of the Slovak Republic, respectively.

8. The Purchaser is entitled to amend or supplement this Complaint procedure
by reason of changes in legislation and business environment. The Purchaser
shall issue the updated text of the Complaints Procedure on their website.

This CP shall enter into force and effect from XX YY 2011 and fully supersedes
the previous CP. The Operator reserves the right to change the CP without
previous notice.