Terms of sale

1. Definitions
 Seller – the Operator of the online shop anatomiashoes.sk is the company:
Telluride s.r.o., with a registered seat at Kopčianska 10, Bratislava, Slovak
Republic, Tel. No.: + 421 915 820 702, E-mail address:
info@anatomiashoes.com, Company ID: 44391692, TIN: 2022824144, VAT
No.: SK2022824144
 Purchaser – a natural or legal person who has entered into a business
relationship with the Seller
 Goods – products or services in the online shop offer at
 Order – the purchase contract under which the sale of the goods is made

2. Order
An order arises from its confirmation in the process of ordering the Goods in the
online shop.

3. Order cancellation
The Purchaser has the right to cancel an order without stating any reason if the
Seller fails to comply with the agreed conditions of delivery of the Goods.
The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part thereof, if the Purchaser
has stated false or misleading information on the order, or if the goods are no
longer manufactured or supplied or the wholesale price has changed
significantly. In this case, the Seller shall immediately inform the Purchaser in
order to negotiate the subsequent procedure. If the Purchaser has already paid
part or all of the purchase price, it will be transferred to his account or sent to
the address within 15 calendar days.

4. Payment options
We offer two payment methods in our e-shop. Just choose the one that suits you
best. The payment options for your order will be displayed in the mode of
transport section.

1. Payment by card
2. Advance payment to the account:  If you select an advance payment, we will
send you the data for the bank transfer to your e-mail address after processing
your order. You must always indicate the order number as a variable payment
symbol. After your payment has been credited to our account, we will dispatch
the Goods. If we do not receive your payment within five working days, we will
be forced to cancel the order.

5. Withdrawal from the purchase agreement
Any necessary information can be found in the Complaint Procedure.

6. Delivery terms
We send orders via the Slovak Post (Slovenská pošta).
The delivery within Slovakia and Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Poland,
Hungary, Germany) costs €9.
For the rest of the EU, the cost is €12.
The delivery outside the EU is €29-35.
The delivery of the ordered Goods will be made as soon as possible, according to
the availability of the Goods in the warehouse and the operating possibilities of
the Seller.
The delivery time of the Goods is:
Slovakia – 2-4 business days
Within Europe – 4-7 working days
The rest of the world – 7 – 35 business days
The place of delivery is determined by the Purchaser while ordering the Goods.
The receipt of the Goods by Purchaser is deemed to be the execution of the
order. Transportation to the delivery address is provided by the Seller. The
package of the Goods always contains a tax document (proof of purchase of the